Friday, September 21, 2007

When Someone Signs Up On Your First Level

1 - Post a comment on their page

Comment - "Welcome to Yuwie and let me know if I can help, read my blogs etc..."

You can post more

2 - Send 3 personal messages

• Message 1 – “The Yuwie Master Plan” (a link to download this ebook)

• Message 2 - " How Much Can I Earn With Yuwie?" (attach the tree diagram)

• Message 3 - "Marketing Tools" Create a blog or webpage with your affiliate links for online marketing tools that you are using (traffic exchanges, safelists, paid to read…). You can also send them links to marke

When People Sign Up On Levels 2 and 3

You can only see the first 3 levels of your referral tree, but if you really work at those three levels, then the rest of the tree should take care of it's self. Contact everyone in your 2nd and 3rd level, and issue a friend request, stating that they are in your downline and that you would love to become their friend and share advice on how to make their Yuwie account a success. Then post the exact same comments and messages as you would with your first level friends. Post more if you have the time of course. Note #1: Some profiles are set to private. If this happens, then simply rate the person's profile, and do NOT Rate it anonymously. If you give a decent rating, then that person may add you as a friend. You will also want to research the higher level and see if you can determine who their sponsor is, and ask the sponsor to advise their downline members to make their profiles public. Note #2: If you come across profiles that have no layouts, suggest to that person that they dress up their page. First impressions are everything!

Marketing Yuwie Online

You can market Yuwie online using some of the following methods:

• Email To Friends And Family

• Email Signature Link

• Forum Signature Link

• Create Videos On YouTube/Metacafe

• Traffic Exchanges

ting tools that

• Paid 2 Read Email/Adverts

• PPC Search Engines

• Banner Exchanges

• Other Social Networks (MySpace, FaceBook, Hi5…)

• Link From Your Website/Blog

are working for you offline.

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