Friday, September 21, 2007

Patrick Web’s Secret To Success With Yuwie

After Patrick Web posting a note on Yuwie about reaching 1,000 plus referrals he started getting a lot of messages from Yuwie members asking him to reveal his secrets.

Patrick says that there is no secret involved, he is sharing his methods with all Yuwie members. Patrick is also new to Yuwie like most of us, we are all trying to figure out Yuwie. Patrick answers some questions put to him:

How are you doing this? (very simply)

How do I motivate people? (I educate - I don't motivate)

How do I convince people that Yuwie is not a scam? (Simply - I have never heard of a scam that doesn't require the scammed to surrender money)

Are you spamming people? (ABSOLUTELY NOT!)

RE: Spam, Patrick has a very simple philosophy on that subject and here it is.

"Trying to build an honest business on the money received by spamming people, is like trying to build a church from the money earned at a brothel" Patricks Methods:

• Use the Craig's List and Myspace techniques

• Tell your friends about Yuwie

• Keep in touch with your down line via personal e-mails, blogs and posts. Try to contact everyone in your first 3 levels directly.

• Copy and post/blog any good advice that you receive.

The fact is that I actually don't put too much time into Yuwie because of my other commitments in life. I wish that I could do much more. It is my down line that is doing all of the work. It's YOU guys that I need to thank you all for getting me as far as I am in Yuwie. You see once this snowball really starts rolling then the referrals just start growing and growing.

The Routine:

Here is a routine based on Partick’s original.

How To Find First Level Referrals:

• Post in Craig's List and Myspace ads

• Post messages to your friends on Myspace

• Tell your personal friends about Yuwie

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