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is the winning community that is a 100% free social website that helps you to create your own page and win money!

In conformity with the our mission, strongly believes that the profit of this website generated by advertising should be shared for all the users of the community, since the Community websites are doing big profits by advertising and the big work is done by the members, so we think this profit should be given to those members.

In conformity with our mission, strongly believes that the profit of this website that is generated by advertising should be shared to all users of the community. The profit should be shared with members, because social community websites are doing big profits by advertising and the big work is done by actually the members!

Each member will win money depending on how much profit our website has generated, and of course how many points the user has earned. How do you go about making money with Firstly by referring people to use and secondly generate as many page views as possible. The amount of money a member will get depends on how many points he got and the gains of the

A member will win money when you invite friends to join, write blog, add photos, videos and music, add content to your webspace, and of course view other member pages. Join and let"s make money together.

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How can I get Money at Myviewin?

How can I make money?

You can make money on this website by joining, updating your profile frequently and especially reffering other members.

How does it work?

We will give you points each time a user is viewing your profile, photos, videos, music, blog, groups, etc. At the end of the month we will transfer this points into money, the amount will depend in how many points you have earned and the gains of the website by advertising.

Is there other way to have more points, so more money?

Sure! Whenever you refer other members, you win points if the user opens an account. At the same time you will win points when the referred member wins points. We suggest you to refer as many as you can!

How can I reffer?

There is a referral link in your account to recruit new members. Send the link to your family, friends and acquaintances and earn money!

How can I get paid?

You can request a payment when you have reached at least 50$. We offer 2 different payment methods, either by PayPal which is an online payment processing company or by check. There is 1$ fee if you chose the check method.

How much money can I get? That all depends on you! You can make everything from 100$ to 50.000$ a year. The more you refer new members the more money you will get. The more you your profile is viewed the more money you will get.

Will I get money or points by clicking on ads? No, excessive clicking on ads may cause your profile to be deleted. Please feel free to click on only ads that you actually want to see. Do not click just to try to get more money and of course do not forget that we pay you for having membership with us and maintaining it!

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MyVieWin is The Winning Community


MyVieWin is the winning community that is a 100% free social website that helps you to create your own page and win money!

In conformity with the our mission, strongly believes that the profit of this website generated by advertising should be shared for all the users of the community, since the Community websites are doing big profits by advertising and the big work is done by the members, so we think this profit should be given to those members.

In conformity with our mission, strongly believes that the profit of this website that is generated by advertising should be shared to all users of the community. The profit should be shared with members, because social community websites are doing big profits by advertising and the big work is done by actually the members!

Each member will win money depending on how much profit our website has generated, and of course how many points the user has earned. How do you go about making money with Firstly by referring people to use and secondly generate as many page views as possible. The amount of money a member will get depends on how many points he got and the gains of the

A member will win money when you invite friends to join, write blog, add photos, videos and music, add content to your webspace, and of course view other member pages. Join and let"s make money together!

Let's joint here.


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Driving Traffic to Your Web Site

By Eric Friese
It’s the question so many people ask: how do I bring more users to my web site? It might seem like a simple question, but it is not. Although the answer to this question seems to change on daily basis, there are a few things you can do to boost traffic to your web site.

Search Engine Placement

A big way to increase traffic is making sure you are indexed by the search engines, and then trying to increase your ranking. This is another article all together, but here are a few pointers. Make sure your site is “search engine friendly” and that the search engines can index your site. Check that your
META tags are in order and correct. Put together a list of keywords that you would like to key in on and make sure those words/phrases are incorporated into your site. Also try to keep your keywords as specific as possible. It is extremely hard to rank high for broad keywords. Make sure the content you have on your site is quality content and grammatically correct. If writing content is not your strong point, hire a copywriter or web developer to help.

Web Directories

Get your site listed in as many web directories as possible. Web directories are sites that list sites by categories. Try to find some directories that specialize in your industry. For example, if your site is about real estate then try to get your site into as many real estate directories as possible. The Yahoo Directory is probably the best directory, but it’s not free. Getting into these directories can also help with search engine ranking.

Link Exchanges

When you think about it, getting traffic is a numbers game. The more exposure you get the more chances that people will come to your site. The idea behind a link exchange is you find other sites that compliment your site, and then contact the owner to see if they will put a link to your site on their site. In return, you add a link on your site to their web site. This has been an integral part of the internet for years and it is a proven way to increase traffic.

Writing Articles and Newsletters

In order to bring people back your site, you need a good hook. Providing a newsletter or articles on your site that people would be interested in reading is a good start. Once you write these articles you can post them on some article directories to get some traffic to your site. Newsletters are also good for getting residual business from your existing customers. Another good idea is to have a blog. Everyone else has one, so why not you?

Cost Per Click (CPC) Advertising

Cost Per Click advertising has been the money maker for companies like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Whenever you do a search on Google, you see that box of paid listings on the right. Companies pay for every person that clicks their ad, hence the cost per click name. The weird thing is that Google can somehow see how interested the user is in your site and then charge you more for that click. That might sound retarded, but its great when you pay less for the clicks that only visit your front page and then leave. I highly recommend Google Adwords to all of my clients as a cost effective way to get traffic to your web site.

While there are many other ways to get more traffic to your web site, this should be a good starting point. The key to getting more traffic is getting your site’s name out there. Post it everywhere you can and with every thing you do. It’s a long process, but well worth the effort.

About The Author:
Eric Friese is President of Tiger Web Solutions, a web design firm located in
Auburn, Alabama. He can be reached through the Tiger Web Solutions web site at

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How can I get more page views?

The best way to get more page views is to add more content to your profile. Leave comments for friends, upload more pictures, and maintain an active blog. All of this activity will cause more people to view more pages on your profile. The more active you are, the more page views you'll get. Remember, whenever you add something to your profile, all your friends get notified through their friend feed.

Rate the profiles of your friends, read their blogs and leave comments.

Share useful information with your friends my sending out network messages and personal messages.

Make as many friends as possible and interact with your friends to increase your page views.

Reply to messages from your friends, also read their comments and reply back if necessary.

Using Leverage To Boost Your Yuwie Earnings

You will need to generate over 50 Million page views to earn a substantial monthly income using Yuwie. It is virtually impossible to generate over 50 Million page impressions on your own. If you just relied on your own activity to earn money on Yuwie, you would not earn much.

A small number of Yuwie members understand the income potential offered by the 10 level deep referral tree structure offered by Yuwie.

The leverage offered by the 10 level deep referral tree is huge. If you build a structure like the one in the example, you could earn over $10,000 residual income each and every month.

If the three members that you referred to Yuwie also referred three members each, and the members they referred also done the same, down to your 10th Level, you would have 88,572 members in your referral tree.

How to Promote Yuwie

From my own experience with Yuwie, I can tell you that this did not happen for me. I had to refer over 100 members myself, before by referral tree started to grow from the activity of the members that I referred.

Not everyone will see the earning potential offered by Yuwie. This is because they joined Yuwie for FREE and they have never got much out of anything that was FREE before.

What I would like to point out is that the MySpace social network generates millions every month from advertisers. None of that money is ever seen by its members.

Yuwie is not trying to create a new advertising model, Yuwie is using a proven advertising model and sharing the revenue with its members. Social networks attract a large number of members that keep on coming back to it day after day. This has created an advertising platform that works well online. MySpace has over 100 Million registered members.

Yuwie is still new, the members that take advantage of the referral program offered by Yuwie will have an excellent chance to earn a substantial monthly income from Yuwie. Just remember that you joined Yuwie for FREE and everyone can also join Yuwie for free anywhere in the world.

Yuwie offers everyone the same opportunity worldwide. It’s FREE to join and everyone has the opportunity to build a referral tree that can earn them a substantial monthly income.

Some people complain about not having had a opportunity to build a sizable income using the internet. The opportunity is here, it is Yuwie… It’s FREE, but worth $1000’s monthly.

A small number of visionaries will become the pegs in the 3x3 plan, they will build the largest referral trees and also pile up the highest number of page views. These member will also get the biggest slice of Yuwies monthly revenue. Just imagine what Yuwie’s monthly revenue will be when it reaches the same size as MySpace!

Patrick Web’s Secret To Success With Yuwie

After Patrick Web posting a note on Yuwie about reaching 1,000 plus referrals he started getting a lot of messages from Yuwie members asking him to reveal his secrets.

Patrick says that there is no secret involved, he is sharing his methods with all Yuwie members. Patrick is also new to Yuwie like most of us, we are all trying to figure out Yuwie. Patrick answers some questions put to him:

How are you doing this? (very simply)

How do I motivate people? (I educate - I don't motivate)

How do I convince people that Yuwie is not a scam? (Simply - I have never heard of a scam that doesn't require the scammed to surrender money)

Are you spamming people? (ABSOLUTELY NOT!)

RE: Spam, Patrick has a very simple philosophy on that subject and here it is.

"Trying to build an honest business on the money received by spamming people, is like trying to build a church from the money earned at a brothel" Patricks Methods:

• Use the Craig's List and Myspace techniques

• Tell your friends about Yuwie

• Keep in touch with your down line via personal e-mails, blogs and posts. Try to contact everyone in your first 3 levels directly.

• Copy and post/blog any good advice that you receive.

The fact is that I actually don't put too much time into Yuwie because of my other commitments in life. I wish that I could do much more. It is my down line that is doing all of the work. It's YOU guys that I need to thank you all for getting me as far as I am in Yuwie. You see once this snowball really starts rolling then the referrals just start growing and growing.

The Routine:

Here is a routine based on Partick’s original.

How To Find First Level Referrals:

• Post in Craig's List and Myspace ads

• Post messages to your friends on Myspace

• Tell your personal friends about Yuwie

Marketing Yuwie Offline

You can market Yuwie offline using some of the following methods:

• Talk To Your Friends And Family

• Business Cards With Your Yuwie Link

• Flyers

• Display Ads On Shop Windows

• Car Bumper/ Windscreen Stickers

It is a good idea to use a redirect URL to make it easier for people to remember your referral URL.

My goal is to have a Yuwie referral tree that has over 100,000 members on it. If you share a similar goal, let’s make Yuwie rock!

Just enjoy your time on Yuwie and do something daily that moves you closer towards your goal.

Please sign up here:

When Someone Signs Up On Your First Level

1 - Post a comment on their page

Comment - "Welcome to Yuwie and let me know if I can help, read my blogs etc..."

You can post more

2 - Send 3 personal messages

• Message 1 – “The Yuwie Master Plan” (a link to download this ebook)

• Message 2 - " How Much Can I Earn With Yuwie?" (attach the tree diagram)

• Message 3 - "Marketing Tools" Create a blog or webpage with your affiliate links for online marketing tools that you are using (traffic exchanges, safelists, paid to read…). You can also send them links to marke

When People Sign Up On Levels 2 and 3

You can only see the first 3 levels of your referral tree, but if you really work at those three levels, then the rest of the tree should take care of it's self. Contact everyone in your 2nd and 3rd level, and issue a friend request, stating that they are in your downline and that you would love to become their friend and share advice on how to make their Yuwie account a success. Then post the exact same comments and messages as you would with your first level friends. Post more if you have the time of course. Note #1: Some profiles are set to private. If this happens, then simply rate the person's profile, and do NOT Rate it anonymously. If you give a decent rating, then that person may add you as a friend. You will also want to research the higher level and see if you can determine who their sponsor is, and ask the sponsor to advise their downline members to make their profiles public. Note #2: If you come across profiles that have no layouts, suggest to that person that they dress up their page. First impressions are everything!

Marketing Yuwie Online

You can market Yuwie online using some of the following methods:

• Email To Friends And Family

• Email Signature Link

• Forum Signature Link

• Create Videos On YouTube/Metacafe

• Traffic Exchanges

ting tools that

• Paid 2 Read Email/Adverts

• PPC Search Engines

• Banner Exchanges

• Other Social Networks (MySpace, FaceBook, Hi5…)

• Link From Your Website/Blog

are working for you offline.

Join The Group

Scroll down to the Search Groups menu in the KEYWORD box enter the word - Networking (leave all the default choices as they are) Click on SEARCH WOW ! You just got a page of 5000 Network groups! Now - JOIN EVERY "PUBLIC" GROUP! Click on JOIN GROUP (a join group confirmation window will appear) Click on the JOIN button (a "you are now a member" page will appear) Now Pay attention here - If you click your browser BACK button 2 times, you will be back to the groups search page you started at & go to the next group to JOIN ! After you have JOINED as many groups as you can (or have time for), Go to MY GROUPS (you will then have a page of all the groups you've joined) Now, pay attention... Go back to Yuwie (on the other browser you left running) Go to - CONTROL PANEL

Then click on the REFERRALS icon then click on REFERRAL TOOLS then choose a banner referral link and right click on it and chose COPY Go back to your MYGROUPS page on MySpace and click on the fist group on your page. In the top of the Group menu... Click on POST TOPIC then enter something catchy like - GOT Yuwie? then click in the BODY field and right click and select PASTE The html code for your banner ad should then appear in the field Then click on POST THIS TOPIC (you will then get a "preview topic" screen) Then click on POST THIS TOPIC (you will then get a "your post has been made" confirmation) Now, Pay attention again... Click on your browser BACK button 4 times to get back to your MY GROUPS page. You DO NOT need to go back and right click on your banner ad link on your Yuwie tools menu - it is still saved & ready to use OVER AND OVER! Have fun posting your Yuwie banner ad! Once you have posted to all the public groups you can, go back &

Search under a different topic like "work at Home groups or ebusiness, ANYTHING

You can also post your Yuwie banner ad on your blog. Profile and also write about Yuwie on your blog.

Please Sign Up here:

All About Off Page SEO

by Mark Flavin

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a science of sorts that would enable you to ensure a favorably prominent position for your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). And since 80% of your traffic would come from the search engines, SEO methods take on a critical importance in the success of your online endeavor.

There are two kinds of SEO, on page and off page. This article will tackle the latter.

Off page SEO is all about the things you could to get a high page rank (PR) for your website after it has already gone live. These are the things which you actually execute outside the pages of your website, hence the name of this type of SEO.

What are these steps?

Well, all of them are concerned with building your link popularity. Your link popularity represents the number of back links your website has. To check you website’s current link popularity, head over to and use the free tool that can be found there. The higher your link popularity, the higher your PR will be.

Building your link popularity involves increasing the number of websites that will link to yours. This is easier said than done. It’s not a matter of getting reciprocal links like “you link to me and I’ll link to yours.” Google, in particular, despise reciprocal linking. You have to get unilateral links to your website.

The best way to do this is by ensuring that you have unique, highly informative content. Really, this is the number one strategy to invite websites to link to yours. But your content in the realm of on page SEO, and it is assumed that you have made all efforts to ensure great content.

What are the other ways by which you could build your link popularity? Try the following techniques:

Article marketing. There are thousands of article directories on the Internet. You could submit articles to these websites. For every submission, you will be allotted a resource box where you could introduce yourself and share a link to your website. Now, some of these article directories have high page ranks. If your articles are accepted, they will be included in their pages. Having a website with high PR linking to yours would go a long way in increasing your own page rank. Additionally, if you will submit just one article to a thousand directories, you’d have a thousand pages linking to your website! Sounds like a daunting task? There are article directory submission services available. Seek them out. For as low as $25, they could submit your articles to as many as 200 directories.

Forum marketing. There are online communities dedicated to the subject that your website is serving. Seek them out, then join them. You’d be allotted a signature box, which would appear in your every post. In your signature box, you could leave a link to your website. Then post as many significant messages as you could. For every post you will make, you’d have a page linking to your website.

Advertise at . Now here’s a novel strategy. The website is a well known classifieds website with a PR7 score. A PR7 score is rarely high! To have a link in a website like this would give a tremendous boost to your own website. Simply go to that site and choose the category that your pages belong to, then post your advertisement, with your link of course. It doesn’t matter that no one would get to read it. What matters is that the search engine spiders would find your website as they would come from a PR7 site.

Look for partners who are willing to include your list in their pages. The easiest way to do this is to use the free tool at .

Try triangular linking. Google despises reciprocal linking, but triangular linking is one way of going around this limitation. Look for two or more webmasters who are willing to give it a shot. Webmaster A could post a link to Webmaster B’s website in his own pages. Webmaster B can post a link to Webmaster C’s website in his own pages. And webmaster C can post a link to Webmaster A’s website in his own pages. It may enforce the same principle as reciprocal linking, but the search engine spiders are not programmed to figure this out… yet.

About The Author:
Mark Flavin can help you Make Money Online. Mark is an expert on email marketing, affiliate marketing & traffic generation. You can find out all his secrets for free at

Direct Email Marketing Made Easy

by Robert Burko

Forget direct email marketing for a second, and tell me if this has ever happened to you. You go outside and open your mailbox. You get the usual: bills, bank statements, maybe a phoney million-dollar offer. But then, in the middle of it all, you see an envelope from your favourite restaurant. "Thanks for being a loyal customer," it says. "Next time you come by, let us treat you to a free dessert."

Now I'm not exactly the coupon-clipping kind of guy, but when I run into an offer that's so relevant to me, I simply can't resist it. Millions of you are like that too. And guess what? Millions of you check your email more often than your actual mailboxes.

That's where direct email marketing comes in. Forget spam. Spam's just the phoney million-dollar offer, and direct email marketing is miles away from that. Direct email marketing is reaching the right customers, with the right offers.

Let's go back to that coupon you received from your favourite restaurant, and let's think about it from the restaurant's point of view. If you clip that coupon and come into the restaurant, their direct marketing efforts were successful.

However, to get that coupon into your hands, the restaurant had to pay for printing, buy and stuff envelopes, address them to you and then pay for postage. And chances are the restaurant hired someone to do the printing, maybe someone else to the design, the envelope stuffing, etc. If you've ever sent flyers or coupons in the mail, you'll know it's both expensive and time-consuming.

Here's the beauty of direct email marketing. First of all, direct email marketing programs are packaged so you can do it yourself. The emails are all pre-designed, and the backend is already taken care of for you. All you have to do is sit on your computer for about 10 minutes and click a few buttons. There's no postage, no stuffing, no expensive printing fees.

And as small business owners have begun to discover the power of email, many direct email marketing programs are now built for non-technical folk. So even if all you can do on your computer is check your email and browse the web, you can still be an expert in these programs right away.

What's more is you'll still get access to the most advanced functionality. Let's get back into the restaurant owner's shoes. We've just sent a Free Dessert email coupon to all the customers who filled out our customer satisfaction survey and gave us their email addresses. We also included a "Forward to a Friend" link, so our customers can email the Free Dessert coupon to their friends.

Now (and here comes my favorite part about direct email marketing), we can go into the Reports and Stats section of our direct email marketing program and get deep into our campaign. We can see exactly who opened our messages, and when they did it. We can even see who forwarded their coupons to their friends.

And we don't have to stop there. We can group all our readers who forwarded their coupons to a friend and offer them an extra incentive (We know they like to tell their friends about us, so why not offer them 25% Off when they bring in two or more friends?).

Information is power, and direct email marketing is one of the most effective ways to gather that information and put it to good use. So next time you get that flyer for your favorite restaurant, think about how much unnecessary money and time that restaurant owner is spending. Think about how much information he's missing out on, and think about how much better things would be if he sent that flyer through direct email marketing.

About The Author:
Robert Burko
is president and CEO of direct email marketing service provider Elite Email Marketing. Join the thousands of businesses around the globe that create, send and track their email marketing campaigns with Elite's powerful, self-service direct email marketing program, part of the Elite Business network.

5 Email Marketing Lessons You Can Benefit From

By Debbie LaChusa

Email marketing is not reserved for techies. It's a great small business marketing technique for anyone looking to attract prospects to their business and build relationships with their clients. I started email marketing 8 years ago knowing nothing. I've learned a lot about email marketing since then. Here are 5 lessons to help you make your email marketing more effective.

When I first started my small business marketing consulting business in 1998, I knew cultivating relationships was key to growing my business and getting new clients.

I knew I would need a way to stay in touch with the people I met at networking events, as well as my past clients, friends and business colleagues in order to facilitate referrals.

So I started sending out a monthly text email called "Tips & Trends."

It consisted of a brief "hello" message and a link to a page on my web site with information on a current marketing trend I'd read about and some helpful marketing tips.

This whole process was pretty crude. I managed it out of Microsoft Outlook and my goal was never to build a big list, but rather to stay in touch with people I already knew.

And you know what? It worked.
For five years, 100% of my small business marketing clients came from referrals from people who received those emails. I am confident these are people I would have lost touch with otherwise. That was my first taste of email marketing, and I was hooked.

Fast-forward to 2004 and the launch of my new small business marketing venture, 10 step marketing.

Email marketing was the first marketing tactic I selected. At this point however I realized my goal had to be to build a massive list of prospects. I needed to do more than simply stay in touch with the people I already knew, I needed to attract lots of new prospects.

So I focused much of my marketing on writing and publishing my ezine, and building my list.

I took the same articles I was publishing in my ezine each week and started posting them in free article directories on the web. And I started offering a free gift to encourage my web site visitors to subscribe.

And the rest as they say is history.
Email marketing has been one of my primary marketing vehicles. It has helped me create a presence on the web with little monetary investment. And it has enabled me to build a large following of prospects who are interested in what I have to offer.
So what lessons have I learned in my eight years of email marketing?

Here are 5 of them:
(1) Email marketing is the easiest, cheapest way to stay in touch and generate referrals.
(2) Put an opt-in box on every page of your website to build your list quicker.
(3) Write and post lots of articles on the web to drive traffic and build your list for free.
(4) Offer a free gift to encourage more of your web site visitors to join your list.

(5) Be aware of spam trigger words and avoid them at all costs so your email messages get delivered.

Even with the newer technologies such as RSS, podcasting and blogging, I believe email marketing will continue to be a popular and effective way to generate prospects and build relationships.

After all, relationship marketing isn't new, it's always been effective, and our goal as small business marketers and business owners is to use whatever technology is available to us, and is used by our prospects and clients, to stay in touch with them and to serve them.

About the Author:
Debbie LaChusa
created The 10stepmarketing System to make marketing your own business as simple as answering 10 questions. Learn more about this unique, step-by-step system and get a free 10-week Marketing E-Course when you subscribe to the free, weekly 10stepmarketing Ezine at

Next Generation Email Marketing

by Mark Quirk

Things go in cycles - we've all heard this. Email marketing isn't new, far from it. It's been through at least one cycle from being leading edge, to being a trend, to being abused. Many thought that spam filters would reduce the applicability of email marketing. Well, read on, because we're in the next generation of email marketing - post learning - and the opt-ins are on the increase!

Why are opt-ins increasing? Well, here's what I've learned from some of the greats...

Clean Templates

When it became normal for email clients to read HTML, email marketing seemed to go a bit mad. Some of the newsletters I received were so over engineered it was difficult to see the actual text though the multi-columned, flashing, pointy lookie here, more headline graphics please, layout. They were comparable to those first web sites that had discovered color - and put it everywhere.

The best use of HTML is to promote clarity and readability. The ability to put ugly web links behind text that explains them; to have bullet points or layout that emphasis the points. Such things that help the time poor reader get through the message quickly - and take action.

My own approach in using email marketing is to keep messages short and

to the point. Use HTML for clear layout. And in early emails, leave out images and other content that might cause an email client application like Microsoft Outlook, to block the content.

Automated & Personalized
One internet duality is that it gives you the ability to address millions of people, yet personal relationships are the most effective sales tool there is. If you have a trusting relationship with a client or customer, they are more likely to buy your products. If you represent a company with huge brand awareness like Nike or Microsoft then the rules get a little skewed, but for most businesses, relationships are key.

Today's modern sequential email autoresponder systems, that support the generation of personalized emails, are perfect for automated relationship building. When I receive an email that isn't personally addressed, it feels old fashioned.

Even though I know perfectly well that personalized email can be automated, I still feel better about receiving it.

Permission Based
Certainly in the world of email marketing, buying lists, has become much less popular. Perhaps it's because of the ease of reporting spam email. But building your own list based on permission marketing is much more 'the norm' in next generation email marketing.

In a permission marketing approach, prospects willingly provide their name and email address through an email opt-in box. It seems obvious that individuals who self select, giving their permission for you to email them, are more likely to be interested in your products and services than those who just 'appear' on your list.

Some of the emails I receive are great at compelling me to take action, and I still marvel at their creators. They tend to follow all these next generation email marketing guidelines, including the oldest one - having compelling copy.

We all receive plenty of email, probably too much. So, when your client reads yours, it better be good at delivering its message in way that makes them want to read it.

I like these simple rules:

* The goal of title, is to compel you to open the email
* The goal of the first sentence is to compel you to read the second (and so on, for a short number of sentences)
* The goal of the last sentence is to get you to take action

Not all businesses are global. But many internet based businesses are. If you refer to a TV show or use colloquialism or anything else that assumes the 'local' knowledge of your country, you stand the chance of confusing or even losing a portion of your readers.

This doesn't mean that you can't use local examples - just do it in a way that includes those that aren't familiar with them. Here's a simple example of using a TV personality that introduces the name and the context of the personality for those that aren't familiar with it:
* "There's a well known talk show host here in the UK called Michael Parkinson, last night..."
These five simple guidelines are working in the next generation of email marketing and opt-ins are on the increase. The money, it seems, is still 'in the list.'

You can take a 30 day test drive of our modern permission email marketing system for just US$3.95 or approximately £2.40 or 3.40€. You can also sign-up for our email permission marketing short course, for free!

About The Author:
Mark Quirk
is an IT professional with a 35 years of experience in the IT industry. Find out more about keeping your computer under your control at

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How Much Can I Earn With Yuwie?

We can't say exactly, but here's an example of what could happen. The chart below assumes you refer 3 people, and those 3 people refer 3, then those refer 3, through 10 levels, and each referral gets 1000 page views for the month, and the month's RSR is $0.50.

How Much Can I Earn With Yuwie?

Level---> Referrals ----->Page Views ---->Percentage ------>Earnings

---1-----> 3--------------> 3,000 ---------->10% ------------->$0.15

---2 ----->9 --------------> 9,000 ---------->10% ------------->$0.45

---3 ----->27-------------> 27,000 --------->10% ------------->$0.54

---4 ----->81-------------> 81,000 --------->4% --------------->$1.62

---5 ----->243------------> 243,000--------> 4% --------------->$4.86

---6 ----->729 ------------>729,000 -------->4% --------------->$14.58

---7 ----->2,187-----------> 2,187,000------> 4% -------------->$43.74

---8 -----> 6,561----------> 6,561,000 ------>10% ------------->$328.05

---9 ----->19,683 --------->19,683,000 ----->10% ------------->$984.15

---10----> 59,049 --------->59,049,000 ----->30% ------------->$8,857.35

Total ----->88,572-----------> 88,572,000 ------------------------------->$10,235.49

Results are not guaranteed. This is just an example of what could happen.

The RSR (Revenue Sharing Rate) and the page views on each level determine how much you get paid. Here's how it works. After each month, a report will be generated in your earnings area. It will show exactly how many views your referral tree accumulated on each level. It will also show your earnings for each level. Here's the actual calculation:

RSR x (Page Views/1000) x Level Percentage = Your Earnings

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Yuwie is Coming

Yuwie Is Coming. This is a guide designed for Yuwie members that really want to build a massive Yuwie network and earn a substantial monthly residual income.

How Do I Make Money With Yuwie?

It is really important to know the criteria used by Yuwie to work out your earnings. Yuwie pays you for the number of page views that you generate. Yuwie also pays you on the page views generated by the members that you refer and also the members they refer, 10 levels deep (Your Referral Tree). Yuwie gets paid by advertisers for displaying adverts on the page views that members in your referral tree generate.

What actually counts as a paid page view?

When anyone views any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view for you:

• Your profile page

• Your blog pages

• View all your friends

• View all your comments

• Your picture pages

• If someone views one of your share layouts.

When you view any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view.

Any of your control panel pages, including but not limited to: settings, messaging, friends, referrals, favourites, etc.

The following does not count as a page view:

• Refreshing/reloading a page.

• Any page that’s viewed within 3 seconds of the last page doesn’t count.

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