Friday, September 21, 2007

How can I get more page views?

The best way to get more page views is to add more content to your profile. Leave comments for friends, upload more pictures, and maintain an active blog. All of this activity will cause more people to view more pages on your profile. The more active you are, the more page views you'll get. Remember, whenever you add something to your profile, all your friends get notified through their friend feed.

Rate the profiles of your friends, read their blogs and leave comments.

Share useful information with your friends my sending out network messages and personal messages.

Make as many friends as possible and interact with your friends to increase your page views.

Reply to messages from your friends, also read their comments and reply back if necessary.

Using Leverage To Boost Your Yuwie Earnings

You will need to generate over 50 Million page views to earn a substantial monthly income using Yuwie. It is virtually impossible to generate over 50 Million page impressions on your own. If you just relied on your own activity to earn money on Yuwie, you would not earn much.

A small number of Yuwie members understand the income potential offered by the 10 level deep referral tree structure offered by Yuwie.

The leverage offered by the 10 level deep referral tree is huge. If you build a structure like the one in the example, you could earn over $10,000 residual income each and every month.

If the three members that you referred to Yuwie also referred three members each, and the members they referred also done the same, down to your 10th Level, you would have 88,572 members in your referral tree.

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