Friday, September 21, 2007

Join The Group

Scroll down to the Search Groups menu in the KEYWORD box enter the word - Networking (leave all the default choices as they are) Click on SEARCH WOW ! You just got a page of 5000 Network groups! Now - JOIN EVERY "PUBLIC" GROUP! Click on JOIN GROUP (a join group confirmation window will appear) Click on the JOIN button (a "you are now a member" page will appear) Now Pay attention here - If you click your browser BACK button 2 times, you will be back to the groups search page you started at & go to the next group to JOIN ! After you have JOINED as many groups as you can (or have time for), Go to MY GROUPS (you will then have a page of all the groups you've joined) Now, pay attention... Go back to Yuwie (on the other browser you left running) Go to - CONTROL PANEL

Then click on the REFERRALS icon then click on REFERRAL TOOLS then choose a banner referral link and right click on it and chose COPY Go back to your MYGROUPS page on MySpace and click on the fist group on your page. In the top of the Group menu... Click on POST TOPIC then enter something catchy like - GOT Yuwie? then click in the BODY field and right click and select PASTE The html code for your banner ad should then appear in the field Then click on POST THIS TOPIC (you will then get a "preview topic" screen) Then click on POST THIS TOPIC (you will then get a "your post has been made" confirmation) Now, Pay attention again... Click on your browser BACK button 4 times to get back to your MY GROUPS page. You DO NOT need to go back and right click on your banner ad link on your Yuwie tools menu - it is still saved & ready to use OVER AND OVER! Have fun posting your Yuwie banner ad! Once you have posted to all the public groups you can, go back &

Search under a different topic like "work at Home groups or ebusiness, ANYTHING

You can also post your Yuwie banner ad on your blog. Profile and also write about Yuwie on your blog.

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