Friday, September 21, 2007

How to Promote Yuwie

From my own experience with Yuwie, I can tell you that this did not happen for me. I had to refer over 100 members myself, before by referral tree started to grow from the activity of the members that I referred.

Not everyone will see the earning potential offered by Yuwie. This is because they joined Yuwie for FREE and they have never got much out of anything that was FREE before.

What I would like to point out is that the MySpace social network generates millions every month from advertisers. None of that money is ever seen by its members.

Yuwie is not trying to create a new advertising model, Yuwie is using a proven advertising model and sharing the revenue with its members. Social networks attract a large number of members that keep on coming back to it day after day. This has created an advertising platform that works well online. MySpace has over 100 Million registered members.

Yuwie is still new, the members that take advantage of the referral program offered by Yuwie will have an excellent chance to earn a substantial monthly income from Yuwie. Just remember that you joined Yuwie for FREE and everyone can also join Yuwie for free anywhere in the world.

Yuwie offers everyone the same opportunity worldwide. It’s FREE to join and everyone has the opportunity to build a referral tree that can earn them a substantial monthly income.

Some people complain about not having had a opportunity to build a sizable income using the internet. The opportunity is here, it is Yuwie… It’s FREE, but worth $1000’s monthly.

A small number of visionaries will become the pegs in the 3x3 plan, they will build the largest referral trees and also pile up the highest number of page views. These member will also get the biggest slice of Yuwies monthly revenue. Just imagine what Yuwie’s monthly revenue will be when it reaches the same size as MySpace!

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