Friday, December 3, 2010

Paybox: New Online Payment in This Year

For you who frequent transactions via the Internet or you are an online bussinesman, then you must be familiar with online payment tools such as Paypal, Alerpay, LibertyReserve, etc.. Because in doing business online, we must have an account online payment tool that can facilitate the payment of our transaction.

This year, there is one more new online payment tool that is ready to become a new online payment tool for you, namely that Paybox in this link not yet officially launched, the plan actually officially used in 2012. Year 2010 was pre-launch, in 2011 is a process of refinement. When the pre launch of this are many advantages in the can, including:

1. When registering, we will immediately get $ 50 that will be directly loaded automatically into our account.
2. We can get $ 5 per person, for members who join in Paybox through our Reff.
3. We can get a lot of extra money by following the online survey program that is provided directly by Paybox.

and as new users, we are required to log at least every other day for our account is not blocked, and if within one week we do not log in, then our account will be deleted. So frequently log on and fill out surveys for you at Paybox income can be a maximum.

For a list of Paybox, please Click Paybox Here

NB: For those of you who have willingly joined with the refferal Paybox, I would like to thank ..

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