Monday, February 11, 2008

Some answers about Myviewin


Q. Do you have an estimated release on the next Myviewin version? when will the next update come?
A. Yes, it will be in march or around.

Q. Will we be able to see our referral tree then?
A. Yes, And you can already see your direct referrals in your account (it has just been installed, click on my account then my referrals). For the tree we will try to include it in the next release.

Q. Will we be able to see everything in our referral tree? like how many points that person has gathered and maybe how many people that person has referred?
Maybe even our referral tree ranking.
A. We don't know yet if we will include informations about referral tree, if we did not offer that it ill be for security of our users, but we will see if there's no problem we will include that.

Q. Exactly how do I earn my points? please mention all methods.
A. You earn points by:
1-Someone browse your content, 1 point is given to you
2-Someone browse the content of your referral, 1 point is given to you.
3-You reffer someone, 100 points is given to you (Note we do not give you 100 points if it's your referral who referred a new member).
But note that it's strongly prohibitted to refresh your contents or the contents of your referral, if we detect that, your account will be deleted.

Q. I am unsure about this, because different places tell different things. Can our payment be done with checks?
A. Actually we offer only paypal payments, when you will reach 50$ you will get a link in our account to ask for the payments.
In the future we will add check payments.

Q. Is there more updates and things that will change the upcoming weeks/months?
A. Yes, we have just launched the direct referrals browsing, many great things will be added in the next releases.

Q. Last one. Can I put your answers in my blog? I want the members on Myviewin to know these kind of stuff =)
A. No problem, you can put that in your blog.

Q. How can I see my referrals?
A. The only way at the moment is in the mails you get on Myviewin, This is still the beta version but they'll add a referral tree link later so you can easier see who you have referred.

Q. How many levels deep is my referral tree?
A. 10 levels

Q. How much points do I get from my referrals?
A. 100% (not included the 100-point bonuses they get from referring someone)

Q. Has somebody been paid yet?
A. Nobody has yet reached $50, so the answer is NO.

Q. Is it allowed to Refer people from other Social Network Sites like Yuwie and Myspace?
A. Yes, you can invite from any social network you want. We do certainly not have any limitation on where or whom you can invite. Please on this matter you can do as you wish, but you are totally responsible for these invitations

Q. Is it allowed to advertise whatever you want on Myviewin?
A. Yes, there is a small limitation. We do not accept advertisement of adult, vulgar, obscene, ethnically or otherwise objectionable content.

Q. What are the limits on Image, Video and Audio files?
A. The limitations are:
Max number of profile photos 20
Max size of image file 10
Max number of video files in profile 5
Max size of video file (in MB) 15
Max number of audio files in profile 10
Max size of audio file (in MB) 8

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